Thursday, January 21, 2016

I'm in England!

Thank you for the emails and the handwritten notes you wrote me! They really brightened my flight! Just wanted to let you know that I made it safely and without any extreme motion sickness! There were about 10 of us from Utah and Idaho that flew to Atlanta together. We landed in terminal A and took the subway tram to terminal F and made it with plenty of time. And then from there we met up with more missionaries from Idaho as well as California, Alaska and Washington.  Mostly everyone is going to the Scotland/Ireland mission but there are four sisters here in the MTC going to my mission. As well as some going to the Alpine German mission.  I don't think it fully hit me that I was really coming to England until I stepped on the plane and heard an Adele song playing and the flight attendants were all greeting us with their British accents, but here I am! It still almost feels like a dream! I was able to sleep for a lot of the flight but I am still very tired and they want us to stay up all day. My luggage was not rolling very well at all and it was quite the struggle to pull both of them to the bus. I'm not sure if the wheels just aren't as good as the luggage everyone else has or if they are just too full. I'm hoping it will still be alright though. A sweet sister from China who doesn't speak much English helped me with one at the airport because she could tell I was struggling.   It is very green and pretty cold! I got my name badge which was really cool and nobody can say my last name, as expected.  It's pretty funny to hear them try! The MTC President is President Preston which is pretty funny since this is the Preston MTC.  He is very nice and funny and so is his wife.   We will find out who our companions are and our MTC districts later tonight. Sister Preston said we will be able to go to the temple next Wednesday morning and the next Tuesday night (right before we leave) and I'm so excited! It is a beautiful temple and the MTC grounds are stunning as well. We will have interviews with the MTC President after we are done emailing. Then they want us to unpack as if we are staying here for our entire mission so we aren't living out of a suitcase and having that in the way. We have time to relax today and they said we can take walks around the MTC or to the temple and we also have time to exercise. I love love love the British accents! I just can't help but smile when I hear their accents and some of the phrases they say.  The sister from England that messaged me on Instagram beforehand said that Birmingham is very "scruffy" and not like America because all of our cities are nice and new. So I think she means it is old looking and dirty.. not really sure, but I'm still very excited! I love you and miss you all! 
Sister Cebollero

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